Environmental Design


A tiny footprint

5 Rooms Retreat is all about giving back. We wanted the smallest possible environmental footprint, which meant using nature’s resources as much as possible.

You probably won’t even notice half the things we’ve done in our environmentally friendly design. But it’s OK, that’s exactly what we want.


Powered Naturally, By The Sun

5 Rooms Retreat runs on solar power. We have:

  • 32 solar panels lining our roof top, tilted to maximise the winter sun

  • 5 high power lithium battery packs, to store the sun’s natural power

  • An automatic back-up generator to ensure you’ll always have power.

Pure Rainwater

There’s nothing more pure than rain from the sky. So we have a 250,000 litre water tank and a dam to collect what falls naturally.

Enjoy drinking, showering and washing without harsh chemicals. Your skin, hair and body will flourish!



Native Landscape

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a natural bush setting? 5 Rooms Retreat is surrounded by stunning, natural bushland on 9 hectares of land. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of beautiful tall trees blowing in the wind and listen for the chirping of native birds.

We often have kangaroos at dusk, kookaburras and cockatoos.

Planting on the formerly cleared areas of the property has been done under the guidance of a specialist in land rehabilitation, using native plants particular to the area.

We’re still doing more planting so by spring it will be even more lovely.

Passive Solar

Our smart environmental design helps us to retain the heat in winter, but let it escape in summer.

Our windows, walls and floors are designed to collect, store, reflect and distribute the sun’s energy. So you can stay naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.

Of course, we do still have two cosy fireplaces for those chilly winter days. As well as louvre windows and ceiling fans for cooling on hot summer days.


be kind to the planet